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Julie Madriguera

Julie Madriguera brings more than  twenty years of experience to her students.  She began her dressage career with USDF certified instructor (T-Fourth level) Vicki Hammers O’Neil after a successful junior hunter career, and has studied dressage under Lyndon Rife since 1994.  She hails from a decidedly non horsey family and has gained all of her experience by working and apprenticing.  This has created a true dressage enthusiast who is dedicated to pursuing and imparting what goes into a successful  performance whether it be from the saddle or the stable. 
Julie has competed with success through FEI and has earned regional championships and reserves to FEI Prix St George.  She has also competed with success outside of the region and is the winner of three USDF Horse of the Year National Championships.  Her students are a great source of pride and have competed with great success through Fourth level. 
Julie continually works to improve her training skills and understanding to better serve her human and equine students.  She actively studies with Lyndon Rife and has ridden with many top US and European trainers including six months in Holland under Olympian Anne Van Olst.   She happily welcomes adults and juniors of all ages and levels with a desire to learn.
Competition Highlights
USDF Bronze,  Silver, and Gold  Medals
USDF L* Graduate
USDF Horse of the Year Champion:
            IALHA Second Level Open, IALHA Second Level Freestyle, IALHA Third Level Open.                   
USDF Region 9 Fourth Level Open Champion
USDF Region 9 Prix St George Reserve Champion
USDF and SWDC Freestyle Champion


Winner of many championships on horses of all breeds
(QH, Warmblood, Andalusian, Thoroughbred, pony, and more!)
Coach of students to Regional Championships, USDF medals, and USDF Horse of the Year rankings.  Experienced FEI coach and grounds person.
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