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Young Horse Training Program

One of our specialties at LTR Dressage is taking young horses and starting them under saddle in dressage and, or taking young horses to their first dressage competitions and giving them a good start.  We work as a team to give the horses a correct and thorough education in the stable, on the ground with ground work, and under saddle.  We pay great attention their mental and physical health.  We have   a long history of taking young horses to their first competitions and making it a successful experience for the horses and whoever their future rider may be. Please scroll through the gallery to learn about some of our youngsters and their success within our program.  You will notice that there is a wide variety of riders that we have educated and fostered in our training program along with the young horses!   We work hard to match the correct rider to each horse for the current stage in their education.  Regardless of the rider we select the young horses in training with us consistently score between 70 and 80% due to our strong, consistent program.    

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