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New Test Symposium with Natalie Lamping!

February 9-10.  

LTR Dressage is proud to welcome FEI Dressage judge Natalie Lamping for a symposium on the 2019 tests! This is a great opportunity to hone your skills and gain greater understanding for the upcoming show season. Natalie is one of our most experienced judges. She was awarded her first judges card in her early twenties and has been an FEI judge for over thirty-five years. She has judged at some of the most prestigious competitions in the US including the North American Young Rider Championships, Olympic Selection Trials, and many other high performance competitions. Natalie also has a long career of success as a trainer and competitor. She hails from a family of trainers and competed at the highest levels in American sport from the age of nine and onwards. She has coached many students to success and is also training judges as an official instructor and examiner for the USEF Judges Program. She holds a rich history of the development of dressage as a sport in America! Join us February 9-10!  Use the registration form to apply to ride or be an auditor.

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