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Conrad Schumacher Clinic,

February 1-3, Bona B Ranch

  After years of watching we finally had the opportunity to participate in a clinic with German master Conrad Schumacher.  In previous years riding with Conrad was limited to the US Young Riders, or in nationally sponsored training sessions.  So while we have been able to watch and gain insight the opportunity to ride was one that could not be passed over.  

Lyndon rode Tammy McGowen's Swedish warmblood gelding Jago for three days and Sarah Hester's Austin Chase on the first day before Sarah took the reins for two days.  Conrad made sure to challenge  both of the horses and riders but had high praise for the all.  He thought both horses were wonderful and commented that they were obviously well prepared through their correct training to advance under his instruction. He was especially enamored of Jago and even went so far as to propose to Tammy in hopes of securing the horse!  It is amazing to see how far  Jago has come in his confidence and development to become the envy of the clinic.  He also had great appreciation for Austin and at the end of one of Sarah's lessons he told a spectator that "this lady just made my day".   

It was a challenging, exciting, and fulfilling weekend and we look forward to future clinics with Mr Schumacher.  

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