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2018 Spring Updates.

The spring shows were great!  The calendar this spring was challenging and we eventually contested three competitions over three weekends after contesting two competitions on consecutive weekends.  We contested the Haras Show, Texas Dressage Classic, HDS Spring Show and CDI, Oklahoma Spring Dressage, GSWEC Diamond Classic, Dallas Dressage Club and HDS Summer Show.   Everyone, especially the horses, handled the tough schedule well and accomplished a lot of goals and wins!  We are , as always, very proud of the team.

This spring we had a lot of debut performances.  The LTR team welcomed our new assistant Sara Sasso Toolin.  Over the spring shows she competed five different horses and all five had great success.  On Sarah Samaan's Dolce she gathered wins and scores of over 70% at third and fourth level.  At the Dallas Dressage Club (DDC) show she debuted three young mares in competition and picked up wins on all three!  We are proud of her performances and the progress she is making under our system and guidance.  We also saw a lot of our amateurs make debuts!  Sarah Samaan made her debut on her Hanoverian mare Feurst Independence with scores to 73%, wins and high point awards.  

Caryn Bloom and Achilles made their second level debut with scores to 71%.  Debra Nossaman and Esfear Rea made their first level debut and  Gage Miles made his third level and FEI Junior debut on his Hanoverian mare Castellier.  These two captured a lot of attention as they picked up scores to 71% and won their FEI Junior Individual class at the HDS CDI!!  


Lyndon and Disaronno W started out the year picking up wins at fourth level with scores to 69% and then made their FEI Prix St George debut in big classes at the HDS show in June.  They scored to 64% each day and placed second.  Lyndon also competed Linda Blakes' PRE gelding Kelico at FEI Intermediate I and they earned big wins and picked up the Highpoint Championship at the HDS show in June.  Julie debuted Madoc All Dun at third level and they have been picking up top ribbons in open and pony classes and earned the Third Championship at the ODS competition in May with scores of 66 and 68%!

We hosted another clinic with our friend Ernst Hoyos.  We are so thankful to have this opportunity to work with Ernst.  You can see photos of his clinics here on his clinic page.  I encourage all of you to visit.  Follow this link:  

Ernst Clinics


We have been happy to welcome some new horses to the LTR team!  Congratulations to Rachel Schilling on her purchase of Fortune Cookie, Laura Stapleton and Fairystone, Virginia and Victoria Beshirs on Casaro, and Patricia Shell on her purchase of Pfrankinsence.  


As always we are hard at work improving our facility.  This spring we upgraded our covered arena with the first installation of Equitan Footing and purchased a new drag.  We also made some less obvious improvements and have more to come this summer.   

We look forward to training and competing with the team this summer and fall!

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