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2015 Wrap Up

2015 was a great yer for the team!  We had several riders earn USDF medals,  Regional Championships, qualify to compete at the National Championships in Kentucky, and earn top rankings in the USDF Horse of the Year Standings.  Some highlingts include:

USDF Bronze Medal Winner:

Amanda Hester

Katelyn Omas

Nadine DeYoung

Silver Medal Winner:

Sarah Pape Hester

Gold Medal Winner:

Julie Madriguera

Regional Champions

  • Lyndon Rife and Dannah,  

USDF Fourth Level Open.

  • Lyndon Rife and Jago,

USDF Intermediate II.

  • Lyndon Rife and HS Wroosevelt,

SWDC Second Level Reserve Champion.

  • Sarah Pape Hester and Austin Chase, 

SWDC Prix St George AA Champion, USDF

Fourth level AA Reserve Champion.

  • Katelyn Omas, USDF Training Level Junior Champion,

SWDC Reserve Champion.


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